A fond adieu

Well, it's been a long time since I last blogged, and I'm afraid it's going to have to be that way again. Tomorrow morning I depart for the great state of Wisconsin to spend my summer doing what I do best...performing. On tap for this years Heartland Arts Festival are three magnificent musicals that promise to entertain both children and adults alike. The first to open is a Wisconsin folklore comedy called "Belgians in Heaven," in which I play a lazy farmer whose best friend is an invisible chicken named, Mildred. Next up is "Little Shop of Horrors" where I will provide the booming voice of Audrey II (pictured above). This is an AMAZING cast with a phenomenal director, so if you've never seen "Little Shop" live, and happen to be in Southwest Wisconsin in the next couple of months, CATCH THIS SHOW. The third and final show is the family classic "The Wizard of Oz," where I will play, you guessed it, The Cowardly Lion. This role is a dream come true for me and promises to be my most challenging role to date.
So there you have it. The next two months of my life in a nutshell. This may even prove to be my final blog as I'm thinking of conforming with the rest of the known free-world and joining...gulp...My Space. But that has yet to be finalized. Have a wonderful summer everyone, and remember, DON'T FEED THE PLANTS!



I know, I know. The guy doesn't hardly post a damn thing for two months, but today he posts twice. The reason for this is that I finally have a little free time, and I felt like writing about my weekend plans, so here you go...
I'll be doing my first acting in the Indianapolis area starting tonight with the Oaklandon Civic Theater's presentation of "April Foolishness," a collection of short plays written by the Indy Playmakers. I'm in a short called "Washed Ashore," which is being directed by a good friend of mine, Marc Hardy. He is the president of the Indiana Theatre Association and is one hell of a model American. The show runs for two weekends at the Oaklandon Civic Theater. I don't know if I can recommend that you come, as I've only seen two of the seven shorts to be presented, but I'm sure it's a decent alternative to Friday night television.
I'll have to miss this Sunday's performance though (don't worry the director knew about this before he cast me) because I'll be attending Wrestlemania 22 in Chicago!!! I've never been this excited in my life. I'm a life long fan of the WWF now WWE, and this will only be the second time I've seen it live. My first Wrestlemania. I CAN'T WAIT! Most people don't understand my love affair with professional wrestling, but it's just something that is very important to me. I know some people who cannot live without their soap opera's, and I guess it's the same for me and wrestling. It's my "All My Children" or "Days of Our Lives." So anyway, the van's going to have a lot of mileage put on it this weekend with the multiple trips to Indy and then to Chicago, but it's all good. Thank God for credit cards so that I can pay for the gas! I promise pictures from Mania, so stay tuned!

"I got a fever..."

"And the only prescription...is more cowbell!" A great line from what has to be one of my favorite Saturday Night Live sketches ever. And I know I can't be alone on this! Christopher Walken is a comedic genius (among so many other things), and today, March 31st, is his birthday! Walken is one of my all-time favorite character actors, so to celebrate I thought I'd share some random facts about the man who has "never turned down a role." It's true. Walken has been quoted on numerous occasions saying that he has never turned down a role that was offered to him. Check out his filmography, it's insane! Along with films, he is very active in theatre, television, and even starred in the Fatboy Slim music video, Weapon of Choice. Watch and enjoy. The man has serious dancing chops. Here's some other random tid-bits about one of the most impersonated actors in Hollywood:
  1. His real name is Ronald.
  2. He was the runner-up to Harrison Ford for the role of Han Solo in Star Wars.
  3. One of his first jobs was posing nude with two cats for a series of calendar photos at the age of 14 months.
  4. To ensure his signature speaking style, Walken often removes the punctuation from his scripts.

So there you go. Happy Birthday to the man, the myth, and the legend that is, Christopher Walken. Oh yeah, it's also Al Gore's birthday. Yippee.


How do you eat yours?

I love the Easter season. You know why? Cadbury Creme Eggs. These little devils will someday be the death of Mr. Brouwer, for when Easter comes I indulge in the creamy milk chocolate orbs with the soft fondant center until my blood sugar level is higher than a pot smoker on 4-20. They're like cat nip to me. I just can't get enough of them. You know why? Because they're only available for roughly 2 1/2 months! Someone who's favorite candy is a Snickers bar or perhaps a Rolo can get their sugar fix anytime they want, 365 days a year. While I, a Creme Egg aficionado, have to pillage and stock pile, then try to ration my Cadbury hall over the next 10 months until once again the red, yellow, green & blue foil o' fun is resurrected. So, getting back to the title of this entry...if you enjoy a good Cadbury Creme Egg, how do you eat yours? I, personally, bite off the end and proceed to suck out the soft fondant center until I am left with a hollow milk chocolate shell. Mmmm Easter.


The future is NOW!

I promised you some changes, and here they are...Luke and Sammy (apparently the only two people who read this thing anymore). The new and hopefully improved "As Good as it Gets." I hope you like the updated pic, colors and quotes...it's not much, but it's home. Just a reminder, that you DO NOT have to be a blogger to leave a comment on any post. I know there's not much to comment on, but I promise I'll give you some new stuff soon. At the moment, however, I am tired and mucho pissed, so it's off to bed for me. Tomorrow's a new day.

May I always live to serve you and your crown,


The future of "As Good as it Gets"...

Hello, and thanks for sticking with me as I went through one of my life's many (and probably not my last) uncreative segments. Rest assured that I have some topics in mind for future blog entries, and a brand new color scheme/icon on the way. I'm now feeling excessively creative! Be patient and take solace in knowing that a brand new "As Good as it Gets" is on the way!

Big hug and an ass squeeze,


Twenty-four (not to be confused with the hit show on Fox)

*Blows out 12 candles. Takes a puff from his asthma inhaler, and blows out 12 more.*

I turned twenty-four today. Wow. More news, hopefully of the good variety, to come later. Now I must go to bed because I'm getting old and it's past my bedtime. Goodnight.

P.S. I haven't posted in darn near a month...anyone still read this thing?


Day of mourning

I have some horrible news. Please make sure you are sitting down, grab a Kleenex, and please brace yourself. I'm just not quite sure how to tell you this, but here goes nothing...the Bears have been eliminated from the playoffs. THIS SUCKS!

In other news, I'm having some problems coming up with resolutions. This being the case, I may just resign myself to another year with no direction. I know I promised them, but I may have to break said promise and instead continue to sit in my bubble of silence. This may be my last post for awhile as I'm just not feeling very creative lately. When and if I have some news to report, you'll be the first to know.

Welp, off to watch some Punky Brewster, take care and see you when I see you.